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Aug 1, 2018




BabySwingCenter Annual Scholarship
Amount: $600 & $400
Eligibility: We are proud to announce the $1000 Scholarship Program to the students out there. It is a clear shout out for the students with incredible writing skills.Students just need to submit an incredible essay about “The Impact of Technology on child's life” and get rewarded for their writing skills.
Application Information:

  July 31,2018  12+ UEW Healthcare EEOICPA Scholarship 
Amount: $1,000
Any high school senior nationwide. Special consideration will be given to those interested in pursuing a career in Home Health Care.
   July 21,2018  12+ Financial Futures Scholarship
Amount: $1,000
Eligibility: Minimum GPA of 3.5, Majoring in business, accounting, finance, mathematics, management, and others related to the personal finance industry; Must be a U.S. resident; Must send in an official transcript; Must be a current or future college student (e.g., high school senior); Scholarship must go to tuition purposes (will be paid directly to the university/college); Complete an essay for submission (see essay guidelines below)
Information & Application:

 August 3, 2018  12+ Big Rentz Engineering Scholarship
Amount: $5000
Current or prospective college students studying a variety of engineering disciplines with a gpa of 3.0.
Information & Eligibility Criteria: 
BigRentz Engineering Scholarship
   Sept. 8, 2018  12 Fast Water Heater Scholarship
Amount: $500
 Students moving on to college who are interested in studying engineering, mechanical systems or energy efficiency related field with an interest in building sciences.
Information & Application:
   Oct. 31,2018 9-12 KidGuard for Education Scholarship
Amount: $500 to $1000
At KidGuard, we are passionate about the healthy development of children and families. The KidGuard for Education Scholarship is part of our effort to bring awareness and inspire solutions on issues such as cyberbullying, online predators, teen suicide and childhood depression in the age of technology. 
Eligibility: All grades 9-12
Imformation & Application:

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